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Introducing Sculptworks a digital sculpting studio

Product design consultancy Designworks have been sculpting licensed characters, collectibles and props for more than two decades. Now the team behind many thousands of your favourite products is proud to announce its latest creation - Sculptworks. Find out more below.

Sculptworks and Designworks' house
Sculptworks has over 20 years experience

We've been sculpting for over 20 years

Or since Toy Story first came out!

We're appointed sculptors for the world's biggest studios

We've had thousands of products approved by licensors!

Sculptworks' big licensors
Sculptworks has manufacured over 10 million sculpts

We've manufactured over 10 million sculpted figures

That's roughly 1 every minute since we opened!

Sculptworks' 3D printer has run for over 26000 hours

Our 3D printer has run for over ten thousand hours

And has printed over 371kg of prototypes!

Sculptworks has created over 1 billion bytes of 3D data

We've created over 1 billion bytes of 3D data

That's almost as many bits as there are stars in the observable universe!

3d print
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