The classic Sci-Fi movie that took face hugging and chest bursting to another level.  

 Alien Titans™ Vinyl Figures 

The Alien range is a particular favourite of ours, as it was our first extraterrestrial Titan Vinyl Figure. Working with H.R. Giger’s surreal creations, and Lunartik's designs, our figures capture the horror of this dark, menacing film franchise.  Titans Vinyls are always smash hits, but this collection went down especially well amongst fans, so well in fact that we’re working on a new range…Sshhh!

The unique character design of the Aliens meant that there were both creative and technical challenges in the production of this range. Our team not only had to ensure that each creature looked the part but also that each component could be manufactured and assembled on the production line. Want to see more? Check out this unboxing video.

sculptworks alien titans viyl collectibles image large
sculptworks alien titans viyl collectibles image 02
sculptworks alien titans viyl collectibles image 03

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