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 This 12" articulated zombie figure required efficient, cutting-edge workflow, including 3D scanning and 3D printing.

 Dead Rising 2 Zombie 

When Capcom released the infamous Dead Rising 2, they wanted to make their deluxe ‘Outbreak’ boxed set even more distinct with the addition of a limited-edition articulated 12” zombie. Sculptworks had a little over 12 weeks to sculpt, manufacture and deliver the boxed figures. Once a stylistic direction was established with Capcom the state-of-the-art 3d scanner was used to rapidly capture 3D data from our most zombie-like employee! We then imported this data into our digital sculpting software and manipulated it to transform a regular,

live human into an undead zombie. We worked closely with our engineering team in the Far East to articulate the body before prototyping in the UK to create a decorated sample, complete with clothing, for final approval. This open dialogue with our engineering team allowed for a quick seamless transition into the manufacture stage. Website 1/6 warriors said “Wow! Would never have expected such a well done 1/6 figure to come as a game bonus... That's better than some of the normal channel 1/6 stuff I see getting released...”

dead rising 2 zombie 02
dead rising 2 zombie 04
dead rising 2 zombie 01

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