After more than 20 years in the industry, Sculptworks has gained extensive expertise in the following areas...

Character Design





 You don't even need to come to us with an idea in mind. 

 Character Design 

When we’ve had enough of 3D, we love to work in 2D and sketch out characters. Although a lot of our clients have a vision in mind, we are more than capable of creating a character, or entire series, from scratch. We are also extremely experienced in bringing licensed characters to life and working within strict brand guidelines to create characters which will fly through tough approvals. We have created characters for huge brands such as Dell and Clarks.

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 We're at the forefront of sculpting's technical revolution. 

Sculpting is the core of our business and after more than a decade in the industry, we can sculpt just about anything. Although we’re masters at traditional clay sculpting, our state-of-the-art haptic sculpting arms (originally designed to train keyhole surgeons) allow us to produce amazing likenesses virtually. We can produce characters from scratch or manipulate 3D scan data, whichever fits the project’s individual needs.


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We'll take that idea from your head, and put it into your hands.


Creating 3D data by digital sculpting or 3D scanning allows us to rapidly 3D print prototypes. We can create proof-of-concept models, intiricately hand painted deco samples,  approval masters and tooling masters. From single-piece toys to fully articulated action figures, our tailored workflow, heritage and passion allow us to produce ultra-high quality prototypes. Our in-house workshop also gives us the capability to create unique one-offs for prop or marketing work.

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 One sculpt is nice, 8 million sculpts is nicer. 


Our dedicated manufacturing facility in Hong Kong allows us to manufacture collectibles in high volumes whilst maintaining complete creative control over the entire process. We provide a fully managed service even if the sculpt has been done elsewhere (although it just will not look as good as one of ours). Aside from action figures and vinyl collectibles, we can also manufacture toys and games. We even manufactured 8 million sculpts for a single project!

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