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 This project not only called for authentic facial likenesses but ultra-realistic uniforms and weapons too. 

 Jordanian Army Figurines 

Nashmi is a range of 1:6 scale limited-edition collectible figurines created exclusively for Urdon Shop, Jordan.  Deeply rooted in Jordanian heritage, “Nasmi” is a word that captures the meanings of courage, magnanimity and patriotism. Tasked with creating authentic 12” scale likenesses, the first stage was to gather reference, which meant a fact-finding trip to Jordan. 


Prototyping began with the digital development of the individual heads and fully articulated bodies. Uniforms were then meticulously fashioned and armaments painstakingly reproduced.

All character elements were submitted for approval by the Royal Hashemite Court before tooling and manufacturing could take place via our Far East production team.


The collection includes: The Royal Honor Guard, the Royal Circassian Guard, the Special Operation Soldier and the Modern Soldier.


A limited run was produced in our Far East facility and is sold exclusively by Urdon Shop, opened by the King of Jordan himself.  Take a look at this video of the finished product.

sculptworks nashmi jordanian army figurines image 03
sculptworks nashmi jordanian army figurines image 02
sculptworks nashmi jordanian army figurines image 01

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