We took the biggest boyband in the world, 1D, and made them 3D with our hi-tech workflow. 

 One Direction Action Figures 

As 2015 drew to a close, teenagers the world over were shaken by the news that one direction were taking an extended hiatus. Luckily, Sculptworks were fortunate enough to work on one direction action figures, whilst they were still the most famous boyband in the world. Sculpts which are as high profile as these have to be approved by a vast number of licensors, so to ensure a perfect likeness we took our cutting-edge 3D scanner to a hotel room in London, to Digitise Harry, Liam, Zayn, Niall and Louis.

The 3D scan data was then imported into Freeform, our CAD package of choice, and tidied up by our sculptors. The crafted heads had to be engineered to fit onto a standard body before being prototyped on our 3D printer and painted. Finally we issued deco samples of each band member to serve as production masters for the manufactured action figures. Unlike One Direction's many smash hits, sales of the sculpts were off the charts, although the happiest customers seemed to be the stars themselves!

one direction action figures sculptworks 05
one direction action figures sculptworks 04
one direction action figures sculptworks 03
one direction action figures sculptworks 02
one direction action figures sculptworks 01

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